Ring Paintings

Thank you so much for your interest in one of my ring paintings! I try to open up wait list spots every 6-8 weeks. Keep an eye on email notifications (subscribe in the popup box when you first open jessiekuruc.com) and on Instagram to be notified of the next wait list opening. Please look over the packages for the time being!


The Packages

The pricing for my ring paintings is tiered and based on intricacy to ensure you’re not paying for more than you need. This pricing is for 9x12 watercolor paper. If you have any questions about pricing or are unsure of which package is right for your ring, please send me an email with a photo of your ring.

The Classic Package: $200

This is for solitaire engagement rings (nothing but a metal band and a center stone.)

The Glam Package: $250

This is for simple engagement rings with a little extra sparkle (like a pave band solitaire or a solitaire with a single halo.)

The Luxury Package: $300

This is for intricate engagement rings. (Twisted band, pave band with a halo, 3 stone rings, etc.)

Add-Ons: Varies

Wedding bands are generally $30-50, depending on intricacy. Wraps and enhancers are considered two bands. 

Calligraphy is $10 for the first line and $5 for the second line. 

Note: Shipping is covered by the wait list fee. Tax to be added.



The Process:

These paintings are made to order and completely custom. The wait list opens every 6-8 weeks. When the wait list is opened, a product will be available on the "Purchase" tab under the Ring Paintings header. A limited number of spots are available for each opening, so be sure to check immediately when it opens.

If you are able to get a spot, you'll receive a confirmation email and questionnaire email. The purchase of the ring painting spot guarantees you're on the list BUT the order the questionnaires come in is how the wait list order is determined. This is where you'll share what color metals the band and prongs are, if you want calligraphy or bands, upload photos, etc. 

Once I get to your name on the wait list, I'll sketch out your ring and send a request for payment. This step is crucial, because I’m unable to make any changes once it’s been approved, so be sure look it over carefully! Once we ensure that everything is 100% perfect, I will paint, package, and ship it right to your door!  



Payment is handled after the base sketch has been approved and painting will not start until the PayPal invoice is fulfilled. Pricing details on packages and add-ons are above. These paintings are nonrefundable.

Custom Work:

Custom work is such a thrill for me and I would love to make your vision come to life. Please email me with your concept and desired size for a quote. I’m always up for a challenge!